Monday, October 3, 2011

San Diego Chargers colors hats

Four  hats are done for "The Ships Project"

The project coordinator asked for hats in NFL team colors, I picked the Chargers (who else?)
The pattern for the San Diego Charger colors is Brandon hat and it is free from

Serene Sunset is a beige color, the link to the pattern no longer works.

If you want to help the troops keep their heads warm, click on the links for more information.

 Hi all,

I knew it! As soon as I posted what we want for the ships, someone comes along and changes that.:-) Here is a list of requests. Please keep in mind that this is a small ship, no more than 300 sailors, and most are male.

They are asking for team colors:
Seattle Seahawks
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers
Boston Red Sox
Seattle Mariners
Tampa Bay Rays
NY Yankees
Oregon State
Dallas Cowboys

They said they don't have any fans for the SEC. You can Google team colors and find what you need if you are in doubt or go to the websites of each team.

The females are asking for hats in "girlie" colors but specified they want only solid colors. There aren't a lot of females aboard, so if you want to go one in "girlie colors," please do only one. None of our other current ships have asked for them, and I don't want to have them wasted. I think we'll be okay if we limit it to one per member.

We've added three ships today, including an aircraft carrier, so we may have some other surprises. I'll keep you posted.

Take Care.

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