Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am knitting socks or at least that was the plan

My girlfriend Hildegard's birthday is on September 25 and she always carries socks in her purse because she often has cold feet.
On September 20th I decided to knit her a pair of socks. What could be so difficult?
I know how to knit and read directions.
I know how tink (knit backwards when I make a mistake.
I know how to frog (unravel) when I make mistakes.

Paton's Kroy Sock Stripes yarn, Bronzed Berry Stripes and the book "The Sock Knitter's Workshop" seemed like good choices.
Using Clover Bamboo needles size 2  double point needles I cast on 44 stitches for size 7/8 (page 20).
I should read the directions thru before starting but that hardly ever happens.
Finished the cuff for sock one and two I started the leg. Looking through the book for heels and toes I realized I cast on for a child's sock size 7/8 not for the women's sock size.
Decided to start socks with different yarn Fortissima Colori Socka Color by Schoeller & Stahl (German flag colors) and a different book "Not just more Socks" by Sandy Rosner The Ripple Sock pattern looked a great match for the stripes. Used size 1 needles this time and started knitting. The pattern repeat is easy to remember but the process of knitting the socks was much slower than I anticipated.
By September 25th I had two socks but now came the dreaded "Kitchener Stitch" and I messed trying to get the socks finished in a hurry.
Needless to say, Hildegard did not get her socks for her birthday. They are still unfinished (Hildegard is on vacation this month) and I hope to have them done when she returns.

Thinking I could knit and finish a pair of socks in 5 days was insane!

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Anonymous said...

Christel, the socks are beautiful and I am sure Hildegard will love them.

My mother's name was Hildegard. You don't often run into people with that name.

Corinne in CA