Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet the girls ~ chickens

This is Red

 Rhodie - Sad News - she is gone
 Meet Henny
 Roo - because she started crowing when we first got her

I put some scratch on the dirt to be able to get them together to take pictures.
Yes, they have greens to pick on too LOL not just dirt.
 Red lays the BIG egg, sometimes two days in a row.
The smaller brown egg comes from Rhodie and the small white from Roo.
Henny has decided she is to old to be laying eggs.

We get enough eggs for our small family and some to share, great job girls!

October 1, 2011:
SAD NEWS: we think a coyote got Rhodie, no trace to be found. We have been seeing the coyote walking down our street during the day.