Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wear what you make!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A walk on the Beach and lunch at Las Olas

A beautiful day at the beach and a great lunch at Las Olas. The lunch special: One taco, one cheese enchilada and two sides (cabbage salad, rice, beans) for 5 bucks! Margarita's are $3.50.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk at Cardiff by the Sea.
Looking North.

Looking South.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

IT'S HERE! We are hosting a Sandwichthins Party on February 28, 2010

The party pack has arrived from In the box are reusable shopping bags, shopping pads, cutting board, recipes and coupons for Sandwichthins. Let the party begin!

I Love To Read Dishcloth

This cloth was a lot of fun to knit. The pattern is available from Knit Wits Alley. Lots of patterns available for only $2.00. I used Lion Cotton, color 159 Mustard.
The color is washed out from the flash but the message shows up.

This is the mustard color.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Hearts Dish/Washcloth

I knitted another cloth with hearts with Lion Brand Cotton "Poppy Red" The free pattern is from Rachel Schie's blog

Hats for Unity Acres in Richland, New York

Debbie, list mom of Yahoo Group: ThreadAddicts put out a 10 months challenge to collect 150 hats for homeless men. Here is Debbie's challenge:

I have been asked to help out making hats for the
homeless. We have a homeless shelter (Unity Acres)
about 2 miles from my house that is home to about
150 men. It is run by the Catholic Church from
Syracuse (50 miles south of here). Most of these
men have no families, or are alcoholics or drug
addicts. They have AA and NA meetings there on a
daily basis. There are doctors and nurses that go
there on a daily basis to care for their medical
needs. When the town has big dinners (Church, 
Cemetery Association, funerals, etc.) all the left
over food is taken to Unity Acres. They have very
strict rules that they have to live by ... no
alcohol, drugs, etc. or they get booted right out
of there fast. These guys do odd jobs around town
for pay, but they all have to walk about one mile
to the nearest store to buy things with what little
money they are able to make.
Every year in December, the Masons and the Eastern
Star go to visit them for Christmas and take cookies
and snacks and they sing Christmas carols. I have
been asked to help out with hats for the men.
They do not have cars and they have to walk every
where they go ... as you all know ... I live in the 
snowbelt and it gets pretty cold.  
Here is what I would like to do ... starting now 
through the end of November.
For every hat you send to me, your name will go into
a pot and on the first day of each month ... starting
March 1 through December 1 ... I will draw a name
and someone will get some of my stash. I have boxes
and boxes of old patterns (all in good shape) that
I am slowly going to start "weeding" out and what a
better way to do this?
The hats can be any color ... just keep in mind 
they are for men.  
So let's stay away from pink ... LOL.  Bright colors
are good ... oranges, reds, etc.  They will be easy
to spot while the guys are walking down the road.
We have about 400 members now and this will give
us all a break from thread for an evening or so and
we will be doing something good for the homeless. 
I think it will be fun to see if we can come up
with about 150 hats ... that's 15 hats a month ...
we should be able to do this. These will all be
taken to the Masonic Lodge and they will be distributed
to Unity Acres in December.
Thanks so much!
Debbie Butler
3425 County Route 22
Richland, NY 13144

I mailed eight hats and my name is in the drawing for March 1st 8 times. YEAH!

Washcloth ~ Dishcloth "Happy 2010"

The cloths are made from 100% cotton. The red cloth is made from Lion Brand Yarn "Poppy Red".
The cloths are made from 100% cotton. The cream cloth is made from Lily Sugar 'n Cream "Cream".
The pattern is from the Yahoo Group: Monthly Dishcloths. The group publishes two patterns a month.