Friday, February 19, 2010

A walk on the Beach and lunch at Las Olas

A beautiful day at the beach and a great lunch at Las Olas. The lunch special: One taco, one cheese enchilada and two sides (cabbage salad, rice, beans) for 5 bucks! Margarita's are $3.50.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk at Cardiff by the Sea.
Looking North.

Looking South.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful friends, living in a beautiful land, beautiful walk in cardiff by the sea, beautiful lunch at las olas (what are we doing here in this
Greatings and big hugs from G√ľnter und Hedwig, living in cold, snowful old Germany.

KraftyKraut said...

So why don't you come over and walk on the beach with us?
There is lots to do in LOL just not a walk on the beach!